M T & K (Martinussen Tradition & Competence) was established in 2000. I am a historian and have been doing documentary photographing and video for 30 years. Started diving in 2003 and it was clear to me that this interest in photographing and video was perfect also under water.


As historian I am very interested in underwater cultural heritage and marine archaeology. This part of our cultural history should have much more attention and more resources to do marine archaeological excavations is needed. I have made some video documentation in the field of marine archeology and two of them have been shown on national broadcasting in Norway. In 2014 scenes from one of my videos were used in the french/german film production «Die Frauen Der Wikinger». https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjAhAPB2z8s  My enthusiasm for the beauty of the underwater world needed to be more visible. So I want through my photos and videos to show the exciting and colorful beauty of the abyss.


I use Nauticam housing for my Nikon D7000 DSLR, Inon torches and Fisheye video lights. So I hope my pictures and videos can show people the fanastic world of the abyss and that this doumentation of the marine life can be my contribution to the safeguarding and caring for our fragile environment. 

If you want to buy some of my pictures please send me a mail: atleove58@gmail.com
Welcome to my underwater world - the abyss!

Atle Ove Martinussen