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Exhibitions 2015


1 May - 27 June 2015 


My first UW-exhibition at Glesvær Cafe in the municipality of Sund west of Bergen, Norway. This is an  sales exhibition

showing both macro and wide angel photos from Malta, Maldives, Iceland, Indonesia, Norway. I have exhibited 50 photos

on canvas, aluminium, acryl glass, plastic foam. I got good publisity for this exhibition "Glimse into a silent and unknown world":

full page in the newspaper "Bergensavisen" 3 May and NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) made a sequence on TV

22 June in "Vestlandsrevyen" (district broadcasting) and in "Norge i dag" ("Norway today") on national televison.

You can watch it at - copy the adress

to the browser!!  Here you can also find presented 26 photos from the exhibition in a web exhibiton made by NRK.

Enjoy and if you want to buy photos send me an email:



29 August - 13 December 2015 

This time in the municipality of Meland north of Bergen, Norway.

The gallery is called Rustica and is situated at Holmeknappen.

This exhibiton "In the deep there is another world" is part of the event "Kystsogevekene": 

I exhibit 53 photos in this exhibition on canvas, hard foam and textile. The photo "Shining Knight" which is

on the poster below I have printed on textile. The nudi is a Flabellina and printed in the size 198 cm x 220 cm

so I call it the worlds largest nudi.

This object I will auction out to raise money to children with parents who have cancer in cooperation 

with the Norwegian Cancer Association.


16 September  - 20 September (30  September) 2015

Exhibiton in Stokkøya, Åfjorden in Trøndelag during the Mid-Norwegian Underwater Festival

2015 (16 - 20.09.2015) and stayed on untill 30 September. 


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